Digi-figure: – Buzz Lightyear

Project Summary

While working for my company Breakout Interactive, I pitched a Digi-figures product concept to Disney. This was a joint pitch in collaboration with successful gaming peripheral company Thrustmaster. The concept was the same as the other Digi-figure toys: Action figure with movable limbs, used to play play the game instead of the game controller.

The Business

Myself and my business partner David Sweeney were trying really hard to get it included with the Sony Playstation version of Toy Story 3 game, released in 2010. I had designed and built the 3D model and the first prototype hardware for PC. Thrustmaster took it further and even built a version which worked with the Playstation 3. Unfortunately, Disney and Sony Playstation rejected it. They were too far in to the game development to add in a new hardware device. They also had concerns regarding the cost of the peripheral.

Tasks and Responsibilities

  • Negotiated a paid prototype development contract with Thrustmaster
  • Designed the toy concept – Mechanics, electronics, game design interaction
  • Built the 3D model using Solidworks 3D program
  • Outsourced 3D printed parts for the toy and did the final assembly and testing
  • Outsourced and directed the electronic engineer on the final assembly and testing of the electronics
  • Outsourced and directed the software programmers for the initial PC demo
  • Negotiated a License Deal with Thrustmaster – signed, but no product was ever released!
  • Managed Project – Expenses, development, schedules, outsourcing, legal