Digi-Figure: Transformers Optimus Prime

Project Summary

In 2009, I secured a development contract with Hasbro to create a version of my patented DigiFigure technology based on one of their most popular brands. Optimus Prime from the world famous Transformers! For me, this was a childhood dream as I am a huge fan of the Transformers! Below is a video of the final prototype in action, with my unique patented Digi-Figure technology inside it.

For all those transformers fans out there, you can check out this other video below. It shows the transformation method for my very own Optimus Prime. Enjoy!

Commercial Success

This prototype was as far as the concept got. It was never manufactured or released to Market.

My Role

Here is a list of things I undertook for for this project.

  • Sales – Contacted and secured the contract with Hasbro
  • Negotiation – Negotiated the fee and delivery dates
  • Concept Design – Sketched out designs based on the existing brand
  • Transformer Toy Design – Designed transformation from truck to robot
  • 3D modelling – All 3D model parts, using Solidworks 3D modelling software
  • Electronics – Created briefs and managed partner, Bluebridge Technologies 
  • Software – Created briefs and managed partner, Cando 3D

All intellectual property rights to Optimus Prime and the Transformers belong to Hasbro Incorporated. Images and videos only appear here with permission from the IP holders for the purposes of showcasing a design portfolio.