Lego: Mind Storms NXT 2.0

Project Summary

In late 2007, I was hired as a freelance designer to work with the Lego Mindstorms team on the NXT 2.0. This was a wonderful toy, consisting of a Lego robot with motors and sensors which can be programmed by the customer to do almost anything they want!

Commercial Success

The NXT 2.0 went on to be a great success for the Lego Company.

Tasks & Responsibilities

Here is a list of my tasks and responsibilities on the team.

  • Sketch – Make sketches of concepts for new robot designs
  • Build – Make Lego builds of robots
  • Aesthetic design – Explore the new face of the NXT
  • Prototype – Build working prototypes of alternative robot models for the box set

All rights to NXT 2.0 and Lego belong to the Lego Company. The images and videos only appear here with permission from the IP holders for the purposes of showcasing a design portfolio.