Playboy Party

Project Summary

Between 2010 and 2011, I worked as a junior game designer for Jolt Online Games, a division of leading worldwide game retailer, GameStop. During this time, I worked on two published titles including Legends of Zork online, and Playboy Party, a free to play game on the Facebook platform.

Commercial Success

The  Playboy Party project did not make a big impact on the Facebook platform and was not a success. The Playboy brand and the Facebook platform were not a good match. During the project however, I learned many things about game design and team leadership which I could bring to my next project.

Tasks & Responsibilities

  • Game Design – Coming up with concepts, design briefs and documentation
  • Development Team Management – Creating weekly tasks, brief
  • Art Briefing – Directing and briefing the art team
  • Game Economy – Created economy for the game, payouts,  costs, timers

All intellectual property rights to Playboy, Playboy Party belong to Playboy Inc, and Jolt Online Games Ltd. Images and videos only appear here with permission from the IP holders for the purposes of showcasing a design portfolio.