Toy Rescue Story

Project Summary

Toy Rescue Story is a puzzle adventure game for mobile and is available on both iOS and Android platforms. The game was developed and initially published by Sugra Games, my own start up games studio, but now it is published by Spil Games. You can download it on your platform of choice here!

Image Gallery

Here are some images and screen shots of the game.

Game Play

The main game play is focused on puzzle levels. In each puzzle there is a toy to rescue, and the player must use the unique powers of each toy on their team to complete the puzzle rescue mission.


The story focuses on a fictional toy world orbiting the Earth called Sugra, inhabited by a whole cast of living toys who have been playing and have fun for centuries.
One day, the toy world is attacked by mysterious battery draining monsters and their happy play time is tragically ended!
As the surface of the toy world is in turmoil, a long banished but very clever Toy called Faradaydo returns from underground in an attempt to save Sugra. With the help of his team, Cora, Madra and Faradaydo attempt to rescue the other toys one by one and to return Sugra to blissful, eternal playtime.

Backstory Video

Check out this video of the backstory!

Commercial & Critical Success

The game was launched in 2013 as a free to play app on Google Play. It received good reviews from those who played it, however it was not a commercial success.
In 2014 we released the app as a paid App on iOS to good reviews also.

My Role

Here is a list of things which I was responsible for.

  • Wrote the business plan, secured funding and investment
  • Story  – Created all characters, back story, dialogues, story arc
  • Game design – Designed the puzzle levels, mechanics, rewards, and map progression
  • Economy – Built a free to play economy  based on a factory and resource crafting (removed from game)
  • Analytics – Optimized the user funnel & tutorial, retention, monetization
  • Art Direction – Created briefings for artists, from concept to in game
  • UI design – Created mock ups of user interface
  • Developer management – Created design briefs, guided and directed dev team
  • QA management – Tested, prioritized bugs and assigned to the development team
  • Project management – Created, tracked and approved all tasks for the project and team
  • Product Manager – Ran marketing campaigns using Facebook, Google, PR releases
  • Founder & CEO – Founded the game studio and ran the business admin and operations
  • Hiring – sourced and hired the team

All intellectual property rights to Toy Rescue Story belong to Sugra Games Limited. Images and videos only appear here with permission from the company for the purposes of showcasing a design portfolio.