Digi-Figures: Toy & Game Technology

Project Summary

Digi-Figures is a toy and game technology which combines action figures and computer games into one super fun product experience! Check out the video below to get a clear overview of what it is all about!

The Business

Based on this technology, I set up my first start up company, Breakout Interactive,  to bring the product to market. I designed and patented the innovative toy and game technology in 2007 while I was finishing my thesis for a degree in Product Design at Dublin Institute of Technology, Ireland.

The video below shows an interview with me on RTE, Ireland’s national broadcaster, briefly outlining the technology, and the ideas behind it. 

Image Gallery

Below are some concept images for the DigiFigure product, and some technical diagrams showing the design overview.

Commercial Success

Between 2008 to 2010, the team and I at Breakout Interactive aggressively sought to get the product to market. We explored technology licensing deals, explored manufacturing it ourselves, sought investment, discussed co-development deals with publishers and hardware manufacturers, and many many more. We secured paid prototype deals to make prototypes based on brands from Hasbro, Disney, Ubisoft.

In the end however, the product concept never made it to market for various reasons. It was a huge learning experience for the team and I and one which we use every day in all new projects going forward. The contacts we made through it have also been invaluable.

Tasks & Responsibilities

Below is a list of tasks and responsibilities I undertook to deliver this project.

  • Filed Patent – With the help of my college, Dublin Institute of Technology, Ireland.
  • Negotiated License Deal – Licensed patent from DIT for commercialization.
  • Set up business – Breakout Interactive.
  • Hired Executive team – identified, negotiated and brought on board executive team.
  • Secured seed funding – Enterprise Ireland were key to funding the project.
  • Rapid prototyping – Creating digital 3D models, assembling plastic models.
  • Product Design – Design for manufacture, design for children.
  • Concept Pitching – At least 10 different versions of the product to various companies.
  • Investment Pitching – Overall we gained access to €60,000 for the project.
  • Outsource Management – Sourced software developers, electronics, manufacturing.
  • Sales – Cold calling game publishers, toy companies, and conference trips.
  • Build Website – Made my first website.
  • Managed Finances – Bookkeeping accounts, loans, investments, expenses.