About Suburbia

Suburbia is a free to play game, available on Facebook which is published by MegaZebra Social Games, a free to play games developer based in Munich, Germany. The game can be described as the Sims meets Desperate housewives. It is a simulation game combined with a strong story arc. The player inherits an old house and moves into Libertine heights, a fictional suburb similar to Wisteria Lane. Immediately they are sucked into the drama with police, nosey neighbours, and a mystery surrounding the old occupant of the house, famous rock star, Kurt Morrison.

The economy of the game is based around working for cash, then spending cash decorating your dream home. While the player does this, they will do all kinds of quests for the neighbours in Libertine heights, and slowly unveil the mystery of Kurt Morrison.

Image Gallery

Below are some images and screen shots from the game.

Commercial & Critical Success

The game is still on the market after all these years. The main competitors, Sims Social and the Ville by Zynga were closed down. The fan base is very active and they absolutely love the game. See what the fans have to say here! 

My Role

Here is list of things which I was responsible for.

  • Lead game designer and producer on this project between 2011 and 2013
  • Story  – Created all characters, back story, dialogues, co-created the story arc
  • Missions – Designing the quests, objectives, rewards, and player progression
  • Economy – Built a free to play economy  based on house decoration & life simulation
  • Analytics – Optimize user funnel & tutorial, retention, monetization
  • Art Briefing – Created briefings for artists, from concept to in game
  • UI design – Created mock ups of user interface
  • Developer management – Created design briefs, guided and directed dev team
  • QA management – Prioritize bugs and assigned to the development team
  • Report to Management – Everything from analytics to project schedules

All intellectual property rights to Suburbia belong to MegaZebra Social Games Gmbh. Images and videos only appear here with permission from the IP holders for the purposes of showcasing a design portfolio.