Project Summary

This model was a personal project of mine, and was not commercial in any way.  It is included here to represent my passion and pastime of building toy robots and transformers.

The robot is from one of my favourite cartoons of all time, MEGAS Xlr. The design of the model was a personal challenge, because there are so many moving parts and articulation points! From the images, you can see that it is very articulate, and true to the original design from the cartoon.

About the TV series

The plot of the cartoon is about a fat kid from Jersey called Coop who finds a giant mech robot in a junkyard. He customizes it with parts from every computer game system, and replaces the head with a hot rod car. Each episode, new bad guys arrive, and in an almost accidental fashion, Coop manages to save the world and wreck Jersey city all at the same time. 

All intellectual property rights to M.E.G.A.S belong to Cartoon Network. Images and videos only appear here for the purposes of showcasing a design portfolio.