Lord of Wallstreet

About Project
Lord of Wallstreet was a mobile app game designed to capture and educate casual mobile users to the exciting and glamorous world of financial trading. I worked with 3 other guys to come up with the idea and we pitched it with a full business plan to investors and publishing partners. We got some offers, however we did not achieve the funding required to take it to market so we decided not to pursue the opportunity.

Demo Video
Here is a video showing how to navigate around the game app.

Promo Video
Using video editing software, Movavi, I put together a simple promo to tease the product.

Look and feel
The very talented Jonathan Lynch created the buttons, headers, backgrounds and main layouts and the assets for the UI design. These were based on the UX and layout designs we worked on together. You can see some of them in detail in these images.


Business Plan
We believed in this product and decided to try to get funding to start a business around it. To do this, I put together the financials and the business plan to achieve the investment.
We pitched to various government grant agencies and international investors, however we were unsuccessful. You can see the business plan presentation here.

Investment Video
During the pitching process, we created a video to sell our product and business to various investors. In this video, I explain the product, the business model, the strategy, and then introduce the key team members.


  • Conducted marketplace research on competitors and existing apps
  • Worked with the UI artist and business expert to bring the concept to prototype
  • Created the UX design on paper in sketches and on whiteboard
  • Used photoshop and illustrator to slice and export the components for the prototype
  • Imported and assembled the images and layouts in an interactive app prototype using Proto.io
  • Created demo video and instructional videos
  • Prepared investor presentation for the product
  • Wrote the script and directed the investment videos
  • Prepared the business plans and financials for the business pitches