Digi-Figure: Rayman Raving Rabbids

Project Summary

In 2009, on behalf of my company Breakout Interactive, I secured a contract to build a Digifigure in the form of a Raving Rabbid character from Ubisofts Rayman Raving Rabbids games. We hooked it up to a PC version of the game to demo it to Ubisoft. Check out this video above.

Image Gallery

Here are some images showing the final prototype, some 3D models and technical drawings.

The Business

We were trying to commercialize the Digifigure technology. During this time we pitched to many toy and games companies around the world. We were working with a 3rd party company called Thrustmaster gaming peripherals, and they commissioned us to make a prototype to present to Ubisoft. The aim was to get them to approve to make it compatible with one or several of their games, and to launch it on the market as an accessory for a console. In the end, the project made it to prototype phase, and it was decided not to pursue it for various reasons mostly around cost.

Tasks & Responsibilities

  • Business development – Sales meetings, presentation to high level executives
  • Controller Mapping – Figuring out ways to use the DigiFigure with the PC game
  • 3D modelling – Making a Raving Rabbid Character for the prototype
  • Plastic Assembly – Printing and assembling the final prototype
  • Outsource Electronics – Briefing and management of electronics partner
  • Outsource Software – Briefing and management of software dev tea
  • Contract Negotiation – For the license contracts, and prototype contracts 


All rights to Rayman, Raving Rabbids, and Ubisoft belong to Ubisoft. They are only displayed here for the purposes of showcasing a design portfolio.